From the Alps to the Adria(tic) is not a educational journey into the biodiversity of Friuli Venezia Giulia, but a reason to reflect, month on month, on the enormous natural heritage of this area, which in a few tens of kilometres encapsulates habitats and species of enormous value. This is also a journey into natural beauty, characterized by severe mountain ranges, unusual animals, impenetrable woods and a short stretch of coast that includes a sandy lagoon and impressive cliffs. Month after month of delightful treats.
Treats that are not only a material stimulus, but also food for the spirit.
This is the beauty of a Nature offered month after month, reminding us all that we have a duty to take care of the Earth, a planet on which we are guests and as such a place we must respect and preserve. This is a gift that we did not deserve, but that we found when humans appeared as a species. The Earth is not ours. We have no right to exploit and ruin it, but a duty to maintain and protect it for our children and grandchildren.

Tx. by Umberto Darcinelli
Ph. by Lucio Tolar