Doberdò del lago – The gaze

The gaze on the Karst is an ongoing choice between detail and vastness, between memory and emotion. It brings out assonance and metaphors confusing reality with suggestions, or vice versa. The fovea fixes a bright red smoke-bush and recalls an idea of a romantic Karst, of pure colour. Then the history emerges, here blood is spilled.

Manzano, the area’s emergent soul

There are many ways to discover the area area around Manzano and a range of approaches to understanding its essence and peculiarities. The first, and the easiest, is a geographical and historical one, describing the evolution of the natural landscape and the events that have occurred over time.



In Italian they say “as easy as drinking a glass of water”. A gesture we make millions of times in our lives, mechanically, without thinking about it. A natural and indispensable gesture. Just as our hearts beat mechanically, circulating the blood around the body. Or how we breathe, again autonomously of our consciousness. But the…

Sport in Gorizia 1942 – 2012 70 Years of the activity of CONI

Seventy years of the management of sport by the provincial section of CONI (Gorizia) not only represents a historical period to remember, but is one of the fundamental components of the identity, culture and values ​​of this province along the Isonzo that believed and still believes in sports. These seventy years of CONI are now…

Forests Without Borders

The book celebrates the woods of Friuli Venezia Giulia, understood in its broadest sense as the territory of the ancient Patriarchate of Aquileia. Lucio Tolar’s lens has captured moments of the forests’ great charm that have contributed to the civilization of the peoples and that now represent its memory, to cherish and protect. Eight woods…