The attraction and empathy of mammals for young animals is inherent in their genes and essential for all species. The appearance of the immature animal arouses a sense of tenderness, protection, guardianship and inhibits all violence, while evoking instinctive sympathy. They therefore need parental care for periods of varying length according to the size and complexity of their brains. This is exactly what infantile characters do, stimulating the protection and care from the mother and other members of the species.

Infantile characters are common to all mammals. This is why humans recognize the youngsters of other species and are attracted to them as if they were a parent. This is an almost conditioned and inevitable reflex.

Text: Umberto Sarcinelli
Photos: Lucio Tolar
Translations: Paul Tout

My world is your world
respect my home
let me grow
in harmony with Nature


Photo by Tiziano Fiorenza