It’s not enough taking to the air, knowing how to climb, entering the bowels of the Earth, plunging into cold water, reading books, looking at pictures and photographs, listening out for little rustlings or powerful rumbles, sniffing the scents of rocks and plants… None of this is really enough to know the Karst. Or rather, these things might suffice for those satisfied by a superficial approach. On the other hand, those wanting to understand such an unusual area, entering its soul, knowing its history and its myths, need to go further.
This doesn’t require enormous effort but merely letting the mind take in all that our senses offer while savouring the synthesis of poetry that emerges.
This calendar serves as a reminder that every day of the year represents a discovery of the beauty and emotions that should be lived lightly, but with intense wonderment.

Umberto Sarcinelli

Copertina-calendario-2019 Febbraio Aprile Agosto