A natural reserve of wonders, the word “Riserva” – “Reserve” in English- is one of many Italian words that take on a range of meanings in relation to the context in which they are used. “Reserve” mainly means to place aside, to set aside for a future or in case of need. When used it communicates a sense of prudence (which I reserve the right to accept). In any case it represents a preservation, a conservation. An insurance for the future and for this reason it has been chosen to designate protected natural areas. And the Regional Nature Reserve of the Isonzo River Mouth is really a “reserve”.
A place to conserve biodiversity, preserve environments and biotopes, setting aside a world for the future. Its plants, its animals, its waters and its land are an absolute treasure, an insurance for our well-being, a resource to be maintained and, where possible, improved, for the benefit of all, both those of us who use it now and generations to come. It is also a store of beauty and emotions, of silence and contemplation. A “reserve of the spirit”. We should learn to understand this place and act concretely to preserve it. Day by day, month by month, nature accompanies and comforts us.

Umberto Sarcinelli

Copertina Copertina-retro Marzo Maggio Luglio