Water has a fundamental dependency on gravity. Without gravity it would not flow, it would not spread across the Earth. It would not concentrate in rivers and lakes and it would not create spectacular waterfalls, neither would it drop from the clouds as rain and snow. It would not penetrate the ground, accumulating in the water-table.
In the seas, it would go to create the thermohaline currents that favour life on our planet as we currently know it. And it could not transform itself into energy. Without gravity, water would not even express beauty and poetry.


The water flows slowly towards the sea,
fresh, light, transparent, impetuous.
Before returning as rain or snow
and giving our land
the magic of life.


Water is an unusual molecule, with properties that no other one exhibits. It is the only compound on our planet that exists in all possible states: gaseous, solid and liquid. It has no smell, taste or colour, but exalts all the human senses, enhancing and amplifying them by itself. We humans are made of water, including our mind, our consciousness, our emotions and our dreams. Which is why, every time we come into contact with water, in any way and place, we come into contact with our very essence.
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