There are many ways to discover the area area around Manzano and a range of approaches to understanding its essence and peculiarities. The first, and the easiest, is a geographical and historical one, describing the evolution of the natural landscape and the events that have occurred over time. Another is a sociological one, examining economic data, demographic statistics and civil development. But all these perspectives are partial and do not provide an explanation the essence of the area crossed by the Torre, Natisone and Judrio, scattered with springs, enlivened by hills and plains and encircled by the Karst and the Julian pre-Alps. They are unable to translate the soul of an area that is not only historical and geographical, but above all human, having been inhabited, modified, built and rebuilt by the life of its communities that have succeeded one another since ancient times and which are now consolidating into a local “character” that is also recognizable in the extraordinary and complex Friulan soul. Layer upon layer of peoples, civilizations and cultures that have merged into a synthesis of tradition and innovation, of agriculture and handicrafts, of industry and advanced technology. One could say that the area of Manzano represents the synthesis and character of a very special and unique region like Friuli Venezia Giulia.


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